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I’m Susan

I love life, dark chocolate, a great love story, and the magic of Christmas. I’m casual and love comfortable clothes. Although my go to wardrobe is a tank top, pair of jeans and flip-flops, I adore dressing up.

I didn’t set out to be a photographer, the path was chosen for me. I am a cancer survivor, my cancer journey taught me how important it is to document life right where you are. You have to cherish every moment. It is my heart’s desire to show you how beautiful and wonderful you are at this moment and capture it for all time.

Studio Covid Policies

In my state of Illinois, at least, some businesses are starting to reopen. After verifying with the Illinois Department of Commerce, photographers are counted among those business permitted to reopen with specific restrictions. The coronavirus shutdown has been...

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SWP Open House

I am excited to be celebrating 8 years in business! This journey has been truly amazing and I have loved every minute of capturing photos that have made lasting memories for so many. I am planning an Open House event on March 27th in Marion. More details will be...

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