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The Family

During today’s busy times, we sometimes don’t stop to think about the real significance of our family. Making time for a family portrait communicates just how important they really are to you. A family portrait is more than just an image. It is artwork that tells a story. Your family is always changing and is unique. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture a chapter of your family history.

Susan Willis Photography

Susan Willis Photography

Session Suggestions

Sessions can take place at your home or at a location that is special to you. There are also favorite nearby locations to accommodate your style whether it is country, urban, or somewhere in between.

When planning your session, clothing selection should be a top priority. The wrong clothes can ruin any portrait. Coordinate clothing tones and styles so that everyone blends. Long pants are recommended and pay attention to accessories, socks, and shoes. Wear what fits your style. Here you can find some excellent ideas for What to Wear.


You custom photo session will be a time to relax and have fun, so please allow plenty of time for your session. The more time that is allowed, the more creative we can be and the greater opportunity we have to capture your family’s true essence. Be sure to think about the different family member combinations you would like to have photographed so we can make sure to get everything you desire.

Carterville Family Photographer

Carterville Family Photographer

With our busy schedules, it is too easy to put off the things that mean the most to us. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call 314-282-5632 today for a consultation and together we will make plans to create artwork that portrays your unique identity, something of which the walls of your home are more than worthy.

Carbondale Family Photographer