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Take Better Selfies

We all take selfies. Am I right?  If we’re being honest, we all want to take better selfies. No matter how great our hair and makeup, for some reason the picture quality just is not on the level we expect.

Here are five tips to get your composition up to par with your awesome looks.

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  1. Make sure you are facing good lighting – the best is natural light coming in from a window! This will correctly light up your face and will help you avoid noise from lack of good light.
  2. Hold your phone a little above your face. The angle from above is a lot more flattering than the angle from below.
  3. Use your hair to your advantage. Sometimes a little hair in your face is a fun/playful look instead of just straight on.
  4. Avoid a distracting background.  The best selfies will have a clean and non-cluttered background, whether it’s against a plain wall or the sky.  Move yourself until the background is not a distraction.
  5. Extra pictures don’t cost, so take a few while trying different lighting and angles until you get the image you really like.  You don’t have to keep them all… or you can. 

One last tip: Right before you snap a selfie, say ‘yes’ in your head, or ‘yasss’ if you’re feeling extra sassy. You can also inhale just as you hit the shutter for lightly parted lips and a relaxed expression. You might also try keeping your eyes shut until the moment before you take the shot. “Expressions look best when they’re fresh.”

If you would like to book your own session or meet to talk about a session, please call Susan at 314-282-5632, email her at, or click on the “CONTACT” link on the menu bar.

Susan Willis Photography is a professional photographer specializing in high school senior and modern portrait photography. Based in Murphysboro, Susan Willis Photography travels throughout southern Illinois, St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas to capture the uniqueness of YOU! Susan also does destination sessions in Charleston, SC; Nashville, TN; Tampa, FL; Tuscon, AZ and beyond.


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