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Southern Illinois Photographer Susan Willis


I am a photographer. I love life, dark chocolate, a great love story, and the magic of Christmas. I’m casual and love comfortable clothes. Although my go to wardrobe is a tank top, pair of jeans and flip-flops, I adore dressing up.

Susan Willis PhotographyI didn’t set out to be a photographer and as a result, the path was chosen for me. Because I am a cancer survivor, my cancer journey taught me how important it is to document life right where you are. You have to cherish every moment. It is my heart’s desire to show you how beautiful and wonderful you are at this moment and capture it for all time.

I have always been a bit uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at me. This gives me an authentic sensitivity towards everyone I photograph. I believe there is no greater honor than having someone trust me to capture the authentic, genuine moments.  It is these moments that will become their family’s precious heirloom.

More than anything, I love meeting new people and enjoy hearing their unique story. Learning the details of what makes them one-of-a-kind and weaving that into a photographic story is my passion. My work is more than just making portrait. I believe in creating heirloom wall art with unforgettable experiences.

I spend my free time loving life in Murphysboro, Illinois and proudly serve clients throughout southern Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri.  I do occasional destination sessions in Charleston, Nashville, Tampa, and Tucson.

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